3 thoughts on “Support

  1. hi there! i got an failed error on the field of local gateway, in your nettest program. what could this mean? and how could i fix it?
    thanks a lot for your time and your usefull programs!

    • What version of NetTest are you using (1.1 or 2.0)?

      There are a few reasons the Default Gateway test could fail:
      1) NetTest, when used in “automatic mode”, assumes that your default gateway IP is the .1 of whatever subnet your local IP is. So if your local IP is, then it will assume your default gateway is In version 2 this can be changed by inputting your actual default gateway IP in the box labeled “Default Gateway” before running the test.

      2) Another scenario is that NetTest correctly gets the DG IP but the DG is either not responding, you have an incorrect static IP set for the DG in your network settings.

      In order to find your default gateway, you can do the following steps:
      1) Open the START menu
      2) Type cmd and press (XP: select “Run…” then type cmd and press )
      3) type ipconfig and press
      Your default gateway will be shown. Note that this only finds the correct DG if DHCP is enabled on your router or DHCP server. If you have an incorrect DG set ipconfig will only show that incorrect DG.

      Hope that helps and thanks for downloading!!

      • thank you very much!
        that ipconfig hint made it work by inputting the correct gateway ip, now it shows no problem!
        thanks for the fast reply!
        best regards

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